Woes of the 50 mm lens

As I have previously stated, my photos jumped to the next level in quality when I discovered the 50 mm lens in my camera bag.  I couldn’t take a picture of an insect unless it was attached to my camera body.  One day after out and about photographing, I connected my camera to my laptop to download my latest pictures.  After downloading was complete, I ignored the cord still connected to the usb port.  It was several minutes later when I needed to get out of my chair.  When I moved the laptop from my lap to place it elsewhere, I heard what sounded like a spring breaking in my recliner.  It wasn’t a spring.  My camera was laying on the floor next to my chair.  I had pulled it off the end table on my left that it had been resting upon.  I picked the camera up off the floor and only half of my lens was solidly attached to the camera body.  The front of the lens was dangling by the copper band that contains the wire contacts for the communication of the lens to the camera.  (And that had a tear in it.)  My macro photography had come to an abrupt pause.  My mind was spinning as I was trying to find a way to replace it.  A replacement would cost around $100, (not much really), but at the time spending that much on a hobby was out of the question.  I tried using the broken lens in different ways, but just couldn’t get it to function.  A few weeks later, while sharing my situation with others, a man spoke up and said he thought he had an old lens just like the broken one and he would give it to me.  A week later, I had the lens in hand.  I was back in business, until…..    It was maybe a year later when my camera gave me an error message while taking pictures.  The camera had loss communication with the lens.  That ended my photography for that day.  The following day, I tried the camera and it worked again.  After a half hour of pictures, again the “error”.  The problem became worse until I was able to take 2-3 pictures before i got the “error”.  I was now in a little better financial situation and eventually went to look for a replacement lens.  My 50 mm lens worked one more time for me at the camera store so I was able to compare photos of a subject with other lenses.  I decided to purchase my 40 mm pancake lens at that time.  The color quality was so much better than I had been getting with my 50 mm.  I would not have to buy any additional equipment to continue to take my photos in the way that I had come accustomed to.  I am still using this same lens for my photos.