Photographic History Part 2

My first post about my history of photographing insects left off with my need to enlarge my subjects in my photos.  I did some research and saw how others on the web were taking their macro photos.  This only got me discouraged, because I saw how much their lenses cost.  I didn’t have $300 to $1200 to spend on a new lens.  One day, I stopped at a photo shop in my area (Marks Photo and Video) and spoke with a girl behind the counter.  I told her where I was in my photography and she mentioned macro filters.  Her suggestion was to try them as my next step in learning macro.  $20 is all it cost me to get to the next step in my photography.  My first set contained 3 filters:  +1, +2 & +4.  I went home and began to experiment with them.  I was worried about using “too much glass” at first, but found that using all three filters together really helped me get the enlargement of my subjects that I wanted.  There were many times that I had to juggle filter combinations when an insect was too large to use all three.  So, this is how I played with my camera from about 2010 through 2012.  Next time I may write about my woes of the 50mm lens.

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